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E-Commerce & Social Media Operations Executive (Spanish Speaking)

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Job Brief

We are looking to hire a full-time E-Commerce & Social Media Operations Executive with the ability to speak the Spanish language and to engage with Spanish customers through various online channels and social media for our eCommerce business. You will also be required to perform translation work from English to Spanish.

Job Description

  • Position is opened to anyone with certified language studies in both written/spoken aspects of Spanish. Anyone who speaks Spanish natively is welcome to apply.
  • Flexible working hours and part-time employment can be arranged although full-time hire preferred.
  • Experience working in the field of Customer Service and/or Digital Marketing is preferred.
  • Some experience as a merchandiser in retail/eCommerce business is preferred.
  • Proficient in handling computers, comfortable with the Internet and able to write emails and answer them professionally.
  • Has knowledge and experience in administrating digital communication platforms or willing and able to learn Social Media platform engagement.
  • Ability to translate Spanish communication into English and vice versa and communicate well in English with the team.
  • Has a broad range of skills and is a quick learner.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Have a good mind in researching and troubleshooting problems with consumer electronics.
  • Good understanding and affinity with mobile phone technology, is well versed about the mobile phone industry, its trends and challenges.
  • Understand the process and able to raise the necessary documentation for warranty claims, returns, cancellations and RMAs.
  • An organized individual that is able to track incidents, issues and cases accurately. Also, able to multi-task, prioritise and manage time effectively.

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