Q What kind of support can I expect once I go onboard as your partner, Especially as a Wholesaler or Retailer?


We perform only as far as our partners perform. As such, we put your business objectives and your end customer as our priority. For a start, we provide consultation based on your objectives, your selected target market and share insights and trends of the overall industry. We are confident that you appreciate our input with regards to regions / demographics relevant to your intended target market.

Second, supposing you are uncertain on your target market / region / audience – fret not. We are able to design a plan with you that suits your current capacity. Talk about win-win situation.

Third, all our products are genuine and authentic. We do not sell used or refurbish goods unless otherwise communicated. We are appointed authorised distributors for brands such as Xiaomi and Black Shark and products are sourced directly from the manufacturer. Other brands also meet this standard but are sourced from the open market.

You can count on us to provide customer experience and after-sales services, including the nitty-gritty details of products warranty.

Fourth, we endeavour to do what we do best – that is to maintain frequent communications with manufacturers and brand principals to bring the latest news, updates and tools to best serve our partners.

Q I am keen to consider being your drop shipper. What can I expect in terms of operations support


As our Drop Shipper, you can expect

  • Genuine, authentic and interesting products direct from manufacturers and brand principals.
  • A constant update of catalogue with latest products available that you can quickly enlist, launch and update at your e-store. We are confident that you like the idea of being a first mover advantage.
  • Up-to-date product information and attractive pictures gallery that will allow you to list and catalogue your offerings quickly.
  • Multi-platform fulfilment on product delivery with competitive delivery lead time and SLAs. Majority of orders are handed off to couriers typically on the same-day. Otherwise next day. There is no hard-commit on this level of service but it is our current performance.
  • Secure packing and even customized packing according to special needs.
  • Ability to place bulk orders, thus reducing your operational requirement to manually place individual orders.

Q How Up-to-Date Is your product offering?

  • Our prices are updated on system every Monday and Thursday weekly. Good to emphasize that ultimately, encouraging partners to get in-touch with the Sales Representative via chat will be the most ideal in getting the latest information on products and pricing. We are reachable on Skype Monday-Friday 10.00am to 7.00pm and 10.00am to 2.00pm on Saturdays.
  • Bi-weekly pricing updates (every Monday and Thursday).
  • Daily up-to-date pricing through chat with our Sales Representative.

Q How about payments and bank transactions? It can be quite hefty. What options do I have as your Drop Shipper?

  • A US Dollar currency enabled account
  • Account with an International Bank (preferably)
  • An understanding of Banking Fees/Charges for International Funds Transfers associated with your bank

Online payment via PayPal is available but a transactional limit of USD 1,000 per day is imposed. An additional handling fee of 6.2% is charged on-top of the sale and shipping price.

In addition, our sophisticated platform allows you to monitor your paid balance to better plan your cash-flow.

Q How flexible are you with refunds and cancellation?


We do not allow refunds or cancellation once the items are shipped out.

Q What Is The Tracking System Used?


When it comes to shipping, you have the option of utilizing your own shipping solutions or you can use our logistics solutions. We offer a wide range of logistics options ranging from air cargo for wholesale, large shipments as well as courier solutions for smaller shipments and individual drop ship packages. Our delivery solutions are all track-able on respective service providers’ websites.

Q How about tampered products or spoilt items?


For wholesale, you can count on us to carry out a thorough investigation and work with the customer to resolve the issue.

For drop shipping, we provide a 7 days Dead on Arrival (DOA) period. During this period, customers must report the issue to us and we will provide a replacement unit upon receipt of the faulty unit. If the report is done past the 7 days of DOA, we will treat it as a warranty case. Please refer to our Warranty Policy.

Q What should I look out for as a new Drop ship agent?


As a new agent, you should first strive to understand the market that you are selling to. Next, try to establish what kind of value-added service that you are willing to offer to your customers. Here is where you fill the gap where your competitor is not fulfilling. Some determinants that may allow you to be successful could be a quality listing, customer service commitments and targeted marketing at the marketplace.

As a new agent, you should understand products pricing as e-commerce customers are extremely price sensitive.

Lastly, you should strike a balance when it comes to delivery times. Over committing on a short lead time may well improve sales conversion. However, it can lead to frustration and compromised trust when the lead time is not met. A lead time that is too long, on the other hand might lead to customers not purchasing.

Q How can I get started as Wholesaler or Drop shipper?


For Wholesaler, please drop us an email enquiry and we will get back to you soonest.

For Drop Shipper, please fill up the form and provide us with your company documents, or point us to your company URL. We will convert your account to a Reseller status once we have verified your details.

Submission of requested documents for risk assessment:

  • If you have registered business, please forward us a copy of your current Business Registration Certificate/Form.
  • A utility bill or bank statement address to your business (to prove business is active).
  • A screenshot of your access to administrate your online portal/marketplace (Seller Dashboard) – evidence for stores owned by individuals.