rad.io Android Application Review

Posted on Monday, Feb 13 2012 on 12:00 AM

Radio is one of the oldest forms of entertainment. Even after invention of television, radio has not lost its importance and in many areas where television is still to reach. Radio remains the most anticipated form of entertainment. With so many radio stations around the world, it is not possible to listen everyone of them. But rad.io is one such Android application which allows users to enjoy a wide and broad range of radio stations from around the world in many different languages. The application has a massive choice of radio stations (more than 4000) and boasts of many features. Check out our exclusive rad.io application for Android review to know more about it.



rad.io Features
The application has variety of search filters which allows you to find stations of your choice. Users can stream a radio based on a theme, type, country, city or language. This highlights the intuitive UI of the application. After playing the application for a while and having selected the stations, you can tag them as your favorites and list them in a single tab. Another great feature of this application is that it provides you recommendations. Based upon your choice, the app gives you a pool of stations as per your matches.
Another great feature of the application is its “Buy” feature. For example, if you are listening to a particular track or a song and like it, then you get links for buying it within the radio player. The link is very much created of an Amzon.com based on the name of the song. Perhaps the greatest feature of this Android application is its simplicity. The application is quite easy to use and is highly responsive. Navigation of the application is quite easy and finding radio station is also very easy. Adding favorite and finding recommendation is a straight forward affair.
Program Information
Program information is another cool feature of this application. The application gives you important information about the currently running radio station, for example from where is the program broadcasted and from to which genre does it belong.
rad.io Interface
The interface of rad.io is very smooth and simple. Though it is not quite outstanding, yet, it is neat and quite responsive and easy to understand.
rad.io Disadvantages
Apart from having several advantages, the application suffers from one serious disadvantage. Users may find several big stations missing from the application. But we hope that in subsequent versions, this problem is solved.

rad.io Installation
The application is free and can be downloaded easily from the Android Market.