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Android Will Soon Become Primary Part of your Home

Posted on Thursday, Jan 12 2012 on 12:00 AM
During the CES this week, CEO of Google Eric Schmidt shared a vision with people that will turn all their home appliances into Android power devices. You would expect the CEO to say something like that but when other companies like Samsung, Benchmark capitals and other known names also back the vision, it might actually become a reality. According to Eric, your Android powered smartphone will become a central hub to every other appliance you own in your home. This will allow your smartphone to gather all the information from other appliances and you would be able to view it anytime anywhere.
The vision has already started becoming a reality since Androidpowered smartphones are now capable of controlling your home lights with Wi-Fi technology. Google has expressed its strategy to move beyond just mobile devices. For example, if you come to your home and you want all the appliances to change the way you want them to, it would be possible through Android smartphones. Google based televisions have already started appearing in the market. These TVs turn your normal TV into a smart TV which has all the applications that are available on Android. Currently the Google TVis the only TV capable of seamlessly merge both browsing and TV experience together.
Eric also answered why there were so many models of devices running Android. He answered by saying Google has given the consumer choice, this allows users to purchase things that suits them, instead of buying one device that does it all but also sells for too much money. He also said that competition between the different make and model of phone provides the opportunity to cut costs.
Samsung’s president of sales, Tim Baxter also speaks in line with Eric. He supported the idea of choice and told that the company has always provided choice to the customer by releasing all their devices that are differently priced from others. Each device has its own features and they suit a certain market.Samsung will continue to support Google in their vision for turning all home appliances into Android powered.