Easy rooting now available for Galaxy Nexus

Posted on Thursday, Jan 5 2012 on 11:22 AM

Brand-spanking-new devices go through something of a life cycle when it comes to super-user (i.e. root) access on their devices. The first methods are often difficult, fraught with the danger of bricking a device, or at the least they require a long series of instructions that must be followed precisely. Once that is achieved clever developers start to make scripts to automate the process, making root access available to a wider group of slightly-less-adventurous users. If an appropriate software vulnerability can be found, devices may eventually get one-click apps that provide root with almost no risk or difficulty.


Both the Samsung Galaxy Nexus have hit that second milestone today. And while they were developed by separate developers, they have quite a bit in common. Both arrive in a .zip filer that contains all of the necessary drivers and files ready to be unzipped to your computer. Both use scripts to greatly reduce the number of steps you have to undertake.
The Galaxy Nexus tool, developed by long time Android developer WugFresh, will both root and unlock the bootloader on a Verizon Galaxy Nexus with one-click ease. Warning: unlocking the bootloader will erase all of the data on your Galaxy Nexus! WugFresh has indicated that in the future he may expand the script to automatically backup and restore data between your phone and computer. The app currently only works on the Verizon LTE variant of the Galaxy Nexus, but will include the GSM version “soon”.
Remember that rooting and unlocking bootloaders can void your warranty, so there is always some element of risk involved. But if you’re the semi-adventurous type, these tools may make the process too tempting to ignore. If that’s you, check out the source links for downloads and instructions. 
Have fun and be safe with your toys!
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