No worthy challenger for the iPhone 4S?

Posted on Monday, Dec 19 2011 on 12:00 AM

Judging from the response from Malaysians at theiPhone 4S launch, it may appear as if the latest Apple mobile device has no competitor. Of course, that’s not true. Quite a few devices can give theiPhone 4s a run for its money. Like, for example, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.




Let’s first take the display of both phones. If you have been a long-time iPhone user, the size of the display on the iPhone 4S should sit very comfortably with you. That said, on the other side of the pond, the Android lover would certainly take to heart the 4.65 inches of real estate. Yes, more than one full inch than the screen on the iPhone 4s.

If you go back up to the table and look at both phones’ processors, you’d find the Nexus is faster too, at least on paper. Also, they are both dual core affairs. Also, the Nexus is running Ice Cream Sandwich, which speeds it up even more. That said, there is also unmistakable speed in the iPhone 4S because iOS5 is no slouch either.

As for the camera, a lot has already been said and written about iPhone 4S’s camera, which is a whopping 8 MP. With iOS 5, the camera has a grid for composing. The lens has a very large f/2.4 aperture. So, no more darkish, blurry pictures. They now look brighter. The colours are also more true to form with an advanced hybrid infrared filter which keeps out IR light. The camera has face detection. Now you can go straight to the camera even from the Lock screen. Lastly, for the best balancing of colours and lighting, the camera can utilise HDR.

As for the Nexus’s camera, all we can say is, Oh come on, only 5 MP? Really? But, to be fair to this device, the camera also can be accessed quickly from the lock screen. It has automatic focus, and can shoot in low light without zero shutter lag. It also can utilise HDR and has a panorama option into the bargain. Still, as most buyers take into consideration the camera’s resolution in a phone, we feel that the iPhone wins in this particular feature.

The iPhone is smaller in height and width, but it is a little heavier at 140g against 135g of the Nexus. Bet you did not know that. And also, it is a little thicker at 9.3 mm against 8.94 of the Nexus.

As for some of features like accelerometer, ambient-light sensor, gyroscope, GPS, proximity sensor, digital compass, nowadays almost any respectable smartphone would have them. But not NFC, though, which the Galaxy Nexus has. This is THE technology to watch for going forward and we were really looking forward to the iPhone having it. But then again, Apple probably thinks Siri is the technology of the future.

So, if you have been feeling the urge to run out and get the iPhone 4S, have you still got that urge or have we made you pause and wait for the coming of the Galaxy Nexus? Or perhaps wait for the other awesome devices out there in mobile land. Yes, there are other fish in the ocean even if the iPhone 4s is a whopper of a phone.



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