Application Review : iOnRoad

Posted on Tuesday, Nov 15 2011 on 12:00 AM

Think about this, a navigation system that acts as a GPS and will keep you safe from the road, and best of all, it’s free. TheiOnRoad is an app by picitup used for drivers to improve their safety on the road.



iOnRoad is the BEST car safety app that uses your cam and realtime image recognition algorithms to serve as an extra eye on the road - to measure the time gap in front of you and warn you when you're in danger of crashing.
iOnRoad integrates data collected from the visual information from the smartphone’s camera with the GPS and accelerometer, which then displays an audio-visual warning when you are too close to car in front of you. The alert will turn from yellow to red when your car is following too closely to the lead car. You can set the alert display to be either in time intervals (seconds), distance (meters) or speed (kilometre per hours).
We have tested out the app and found that iOnRoad app require the smartphone to have a parallel view with the road. So getting a third-party dock may be necessary, especially if you phone doesn’t come with one.
This app utilizes your Android device's rear camera to have a look at traffic in front of you, and, using complex visual algorithms, it determines headway, speed, direction, and potential traffic threats.
What's more, the app still keeps watching, and keeps you abreast of any potential dangers while running in the background, meaning you can switch to your music player, messaging app, or phone, and still get alerts from iOnRoad.
On top of its incredible safety features, the apps also offers social integration, allowing you to unlock (and compete for) driving achievements (which seem to be geared toward safe driving), and upload snapshots of interesting sights, reckless drivers, etc. to Facebook.
One last thing - you can set iOnRoad to automatically detect when you start driving, thereby starting the video feed and your augmented driving experience. If you are worried that the screen will distract you when you driving, don’t fret, there is an option of put the app into standby until there is a situation until iOnRoad will need to alert  you.
Overall, we think it’s a good download.  It’s free for one thing, secondly you’ll get GPS and safety features all packed into an app.
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