Best iPhone Apps for Students

Posted on Wednesday, Aug 24 2011 on 12:00 AM

Here's five free iPhone apps that will help improve your student life.

This is a great app that that takes the data you receive on your handset when surfing the web and pass its through the firm's compression service, decreasing the size of the data and subsequently ensuring you pay less for data downloads, which means there's more money for beer.

My Student Budget Planner
With this free app you can track your spending, work out how much disposable income you've got and even alerts you when you've gone over budget.

Recipes 4 us – Student edition
There's a collection of 60 recipes in this app, which according to it developer are economical and easy top make as well as being nutrious ensuring you won't be living on Pot Noodles or beans of toast for the whole term.

This is a great app designed to aid revision when it comes to cramming for your exams. You can shuffle the flashcards, which can feature text and images, as well as being able to mark the ones that you struggle to remember.

Mental Note Lite
With this app you can jot down any flashes of inspiration that come into your head, or even just doddle during boring lectures. Mental Note Lite even lets you add snaps for your iPhone's digital camera or audio snippets to your notes.


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