Best Free Apps for Android

Posted on Wednesday, Aug 24 2011 on 12:00 AM

Nielsen hasn't revealed any of the Android apps, probably because they plan to disclose the data in an upcoming free webinar on September 15th. But it can't be too hard to figure out what apps dominate the market. With a quick search in the Android marketplace, the top ten free applications are Google Maps, YouTube, Facebook, Pandora, Angry Birds, Music Download, Words with Friends, Dragon, Fly!, Amazon Kindle, and Advanced Task Killer.
Some of those apps come pre-installed on most Android devices, like Google Maps, YouTube and Facebook, so it's no wonder why they're consistently in the top ten, not to mention that everybody in the world uses their online counterparts on a daily basis.

But looking at the top ten paid apps, it's hard to believe any of these accounts for part of the 43 percent of total activity. Why? Because free is the way to go. Click here to check it out.


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