Samsung Infuse 4G Smartphone

Posted on Tuesday, Aug 23 2011 on 12:00 AM

The Samsung Infuse 4G Android smartphone offers all of the 4G features you would imagine in a top level smartphone. With the big, clear display, dual cameras, fast, intelligent processor and access to the Android market with full Adobe Flash player support, you are definitely getting one of the better performers in the 4G marketplace. The Samsung Infuse 4G is located in the mid range of the 4G retail structure. It’s not often you get top performance at a mid-level price. But Samsung also packs some exclusive extras into the Infuse 4G.

The multitouch capacitive 4.5 inch Infuse display is the largest screen in the entire smartphone marketplace. And with 480 x 800 pixel resolution, the display is sharp and clear at all times, whether surfing the web, watching movies or downloading apps. This is Samsung’s Super AMOLED Plus technology, and is widely regarded one of the better visual experiences in the mobile marketplace.

The processor in the Samsung Infuse 4G has a 20% premium in performance and speed over the average 4G processor. With a 1.2 GHz Hummingbird chip, and 512 MB of RAM, the result in all our tests was very efficient and speedy processing, whether using multimedia features or multitasking. The processor is the single most important element in any smartphone, and Samsung chose well in this regard.


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