Nokia and Microsoft Strong Focus on North America

Posted on Monday, Aug 15 2011 on 12:00 AM

Chris Weber, who is leading the North American sales group for Nokia, recently shared the company's strategy on conquering the smartphone market.

According to Business Insider, Chris Weber revealed several major plans that are in the pipeline which will take the company to the top of the market and be "one of the greatest turnaround stories in history." He also shared the same thinking with Nokia CEO Stephen Elop that the smartphone war is a battle of ecosystems (hardware, software, services and carriers).


First, Nokia will collaborate with major mobile phone carriers in North America to bring subsidized phones at competitive prices to consumers. Second, Nokia plans to introduce a wider range of Windows phones in different form factors at various price points to compete with the cheapest Android devices in the market. Weber believed this is the fastest way to increase market share. Third, Nokia and Microsoft are going to commit significant resources on marketing to advertise the differences between Windows Phone 7 OS and its competitors, and convince consumers to consider the Windows Phone ecosystem.

It seems like Nokia and Microsoft are getting serious to compete with its rivals in the intense smartphone war but they do have a long way ahead of them. Only time will tell whether their partnership will pay off.


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