HTC Puccini Photos Leaked

Posted on Thursday, Jul 28 2011 on 12:00 AM

It is being reported that the HTC Puccini has smacked the FCC last week. Now, more particulars are budding with apparently realistic images of the upcoming 10" tablet being uploaded by a website.

Boy Genius Report has uploaded pictures of the front and the back of the gadget. The front reveals the Puccini is secured in a leather casing with a stylus by its wall.


It implies that the device is likely to support stylus input just like its 7" sibling, the HTC Flyer.

The images from the back display an 8 MP camera with embedded dual LED flash and a speaker on the other side. So, you can see the difference, feel the difference and of course, capture it as well.

Earlier, the website published reports that the Puccini will host a 1.5 GHz dual core processor, Android Honeycomb, a 4G LTE radio and HTC Sense.

Though the launch date of this commanding tablet is not yet disclosed, it is being predicted that the device will hit AT&T in this US summer.

Following HTC Flyer, the Taiwan-based hardware developer is all geared up to inflate its inventory of tablets to dismantle the flourishing popularity of Apple’s iPads and other Android powered devices.

Though images display a white assembly, the company will certainly offer a wide range of color permutations.


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