Sony Ericsson TXT Pro Review

Posted on Friday, Jul 15 2011 on 12:00 PM

The Sony Ericsson TXT Pro is a soon-to-be-released handset, which offers for a wide and diverse array of functions and features. The unit is a smart phone which utilises the PNX-4910 processor, as well as providing SNS integration and an impressive and eminently useful QWERTY keyboard, all within a compact unit which measures just 93 mm x 52 mm wide whilst being 18 mm thick and weighing 100 g in weight

The units display screen is 3.0 inches in size and is TFT capacitive in nature, whilst also providing the added benefit of touch screen capability. It displays an impressive 256,000 colours within a pixel screen resolution of 240 x 400 pixels, meaning imagery displayed is of outstanding quality with a depth and clarity that is unrivalled.

Sony Ericsson TXT Pro comes with a QWERTY keyboard which is located behind the main display screen and simply slides out to offer landscape mode data and text entry. The screen itself comes with a scratch resistant surface to ensure longevity whilst also offering a single touch input method for navigation purposes. In addition the unit comes with accelerometer and proximity sensors to automate various tasks.


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