Microsoft Aims to Sell 100 Million Windows Phones Per Year

Posted on Friday, Jul 15 2011 on 12:00 AM

Nobody except Microsoft -- and a handful -- really knows the truth about how well Windows Phone is doing and it appears to be Redmond's best kept secret with help from OEMs and carriers. However, Microsoft is aiming really big and has a rather bold target set for the platform.


Talking to the WPC 2011 audience, Microsoft's Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner said that Redmond aims at selling 100 million Windows Phone units each year. That would account for an average number of more than 270,000 phones per day and, while still behind Google's current 500,000 activations per day, would definitely close the gap between the two.

In order to achieve this, Turner said Microsoft had to place some "big bets" like the Nokia strategic alliance and maybe even Skype's acquisition. "We have to do some very strategic things to get our mobile phone volume up," Turner said, and for that Microsoft is thinking about opening 75 additional Microsoft Stores, even outside the U.S. (currently there are only 11 and all of them in the United States).


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