Google+ Android New Version 1.0.2

Posted on Friday, Jul 15 2011 on 12:00 AM

Will Google+ emerge as the Facebook-killer? It's far, far too early to say what impact the new social service will have on the rest of the scene, but speculation is already running rampant. If you've managed to snag an invite and have started checking out what Google+ has to offer from your smartphone, be on the lookout for an update notification, as Google just bumped the Android app up to version 1.0.2.


It shouldn't be much of a surprise that Google's not going to break out any game-changing new features so soon after the app's initial release, but there are a nice assortment of smaller features, tweaks, and bugfixes included in 1.0.2. Problems getting the app to work with Swype are partially corrected, but it sounds like there's still some way to go. Huddle invitations will now properly let you dismiss requests from unfamiliar users. There are also an assortment of unspecified fixes, along with changes that should lead to better app performance.

Huddle settings will let you add multiple users to one at once, and you'll now have more control over how content from different users is displayed in your Stream. The updated app is making its way out now, and should be available in the Android Market.


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