HTC Revenue Analyst in Q2 2011

Posted on Friday, Jul 8 2011 on 11:00 AM

HTC has just posted its financial results for the second quarter of the year and things are looking pretty great for the Taiwanese manufacturer. Asia's second largest smartphone maker has scored record revenue and profit in the three months ending on 31 June.

Not only this, the company also managed to surpass the analysts' expectations with its revenue of over $4.32 billion. That's more than double of what HTC reported for the same period last year and way better than the expected $4.13 billion. And this is not happening for the first time either - HTC has managed to do better than expected for a sixth quarter in a row.

The strong sales of Desire HD, Sensation and Thunderbolt droids are explicitly quoted as the reason behind this success. Those three smartphones played the most important roles in helping HTC meet its 11 million units shipped target too.

With such great sales it's no wonder that profits are on the rise. HTC has a net income of $608 million in those three months alone, exceeding targets by more than $45 million.

The outlook for the third quarter is pretty positive, too, with more records expected to be broken.

Brand awareness for HTC is pretty strong and their products have mostly been positioned in the premium segment. We just wish they start putting as much effort in their phone's cameras as in all the other aspects.


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