iOS Still Has More Gamers Than Android

Posted on Thursday, Jul 7 2011 on 11:20 AM

In this day and age, mobile apps are just as important as the mobile devices themselves and, as it turns out, games are the most important type of apps there are.


According to Nielsen Wire, an impressive 93% of people who have recently downloaded an app were willing to pay for games. Coming in second, only 87% were willing to do the same for non-gaming entertainment apps.

In addition, while mobile gaming is available on a variety of platforms, Apple iOS is undeniably the place to be for gaming-on-the-go. In fact, iOS users spend about twice as much time playing games as the average mobile gamer.

For some perspective, iOS users tend to fill 14.7 hours a month playing games and Android users occupy 9.3 hours a month enjoying the glorious activity.


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