HTC Sensation Has the Fastest Ever Camera

Posted on Tuesday, Jul 5 2011 on 12:00 AM

Here's how the story goes: Nokia launches the N9 MeeGo smartphone with eight-megapixel camera and Carl Zeiss optics to later show off a couple of (amazing) samples as well as a comparison according to which the camera is the fastest on the market.

Probably offended by the fact that Nokia is not up to date with the latest and greatest HTC smartphone, the Taiwanese manufacturer strikes back on Twitter. "The HTC Sensation's camera is the quickest draw in the West (and East, and South and North...)", says HTC.

According to Stuff-review's test which HTC is found of, the HTC Sensation beats the Nokia N9 by a couple of tenths but still. And since we're not debating image quality (which definitely goes to the N9), HTC is probably right in saying the Sensation has the fastest camera. If only it could deliver some more in the quality segment, but since it's not on par with the N9, it is "only" taking pictures a tad faster.


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