Are You Waiting for Apple iPhone 5 ?

Posted on Friday, Jun 24 2011 on 12:00 AM

Apple is planning to release an iPhone 5 as early as September. The model is likely to include a faster computer chip and a more advanced camera. The company is also reported to be testing a version of the iPad with a higher resolution screen.

The release of the iPhone 5 in just a few months could add millions more sales to the technology firm’s range of smartphones. The iPhone is Apple’s top seller. When the iPhone 4 was launched in June last year, stocks ran out within hours.

The new phone could be called the iPhone 4G or 4S, with many similarities to the £500 iPhone 4. But the speedier processor will allow programs to load quicker and the phone will be able to better compete against the BlackBerry and Samsung handsets that use Google’s Android software.

Details were made public in San Francisco by Apple’s chief executive, Steve Jobs. Two industry sources later said the screen resolution on the updated iPad will be a third higher than that of the iPad 2. The phones will include iCloud software, which lets the company store customers’ purchases on its servers – the cloud – instead home computer hard drives.

This year, Apple is predicted to account for 18.2 percent of the global smartphone market.


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