Upcoming TiVo App

Posted on Tuesday, Jun 21 2011 on 11:00 AM

It's hard to believe that it's been over ten years since we've been living with the luxury of TiVo, and all the other DVRs that followed it. Despite so many imitators, the TiVo brand continues to live on, with the company releasing new hardware like the Premiere and Premiere XL. There's already an iPad app you can use to remotely control your TiVo, but the company just revealed in industry trade magazine CE Pro that it's planning to follow that one up with apps for the iPhone and Android devices.


The company's Director of Retail and Channel Marketing said that the app will act as a high-end, multi-touch remote to interact with your TiVo at home in ways not possible via standard remote, while at the same time giving users an easy way to manage their recordings when accessing the networked hardware away from home.

Assuming these apps are like the iPad edition currently available, you'll have access to two weeks of upcoming TV listings, from which you can chose the programs you'd like to record, and manage the recording of everything from one-time events to Season Passes. You could pull up a list of what you have recorded and choose a program for your TiVo to start playing, but the most obvious and useful feature TiVo could offer is conspicuously absent: no streaming programming, neither live nor recorded, to your smartphone. We can't feign surprise at that decision, though, even if all the needed hardware is already in place. There's always the expensive SlingPlayer Mobile app, we suppose.


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