Y! AppSpot from Yahoo for iPhone and Android

Posted on Friday, Jun 17 2011 on 10:00 AM

Finding your way around huge application stores like Apple's iTunes App Store or Google's Android Market can be difficult with several hundred thousand applications available, free and paid, even though in-market searches can help you a lot in your quest.

Yahoo is lending you a hand by releasing an application that will help you find and discover other applications. Y! AppSpot is available for both iPhone and Android smartphones and will bring you personalized app recommendations for. Nothing Apple's iTunes Genius can't handle but it's always good to have a second opinion.


You'll get daily picks tailored to your needs and even based on the apps you already have installed (here comes Apple's Genius) and the Android version also comes with a widget to make it even easier to find apps. Follow the appropriate source links below to grab the application for free.


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