BlackBerry Curve Apollo News

Posted on Wednesday, Jun 1 2011 on 10:30 AM

No, we're not talking about a BlackBerry smartphone running the anticipated future Windows Phone release; RIM has also been using "Apollo" as the codename for one of its upcoming BlackBerry handsets, the newest to join the Curve series of devices. We first heard about the Curve Apollo early this year, an 800MHz smartphone with NFC and 512MB RAM. Now we have the opportunity to get a really nice hands-on look at the Apollo, thanks to a tipster shooting some good-quality video of the phone in action; no blurrycam here!

Both the video's narration and the site the clip was originally posted to are in Vietnamese, so you'll likely be hard-pressed to follow along. While the Curve series will never be at the forefront of RIM hardware developments, the Apollo's processor seems beefy enough to keep the phone spryly moving through its menus, and the higher-resolution screen than the Curve 3G should be a solid improvement. Of course, it's still not a touchscreen, so you'll be navigating with the familiar optical trackpad. The latest rumor has the smartphone's release set for August 31 on T-Mobile.


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