Nikon Coolpix P300 Review

Posted on Friday, May 27 2011 on 12:00 PM

Nikon COOLPIX P300 uses the 1/2.3 inch back-illuminated 12.2 effective megapixels CMOS image sensor and 4.2x (24-100mm) f1.8 Nikkor lens. With complete manual features and light sensitivity tuning mode, this camera is especially suitable for low light areas. The built-in night portrait and landscape mode can dynamic probe the environment intelligently, and take satisfactory pictures. 

Pure black body with a linear design, Nikon COOLPIX P300, is the first camera of Nikon product line uses the  F1.8 large aperture, 24mm wide-angle, 4.2x optical zoom, and has the super slim body design. P300 also has the highest class LCD screen which is 3-inch 920,000 dots in similar products.

On the side of creative and performance, P300 inherits a variety of filters of the previous generation model, including creative, fish-eye, miniature, painting, etc., in addition, a night mode, HDR shooting mode and some artistic filters. This camera also supports 1920 × 1080p Full HD video recording. The professional body style button design, the mode dial and dual trackwheel design and the good manual exposure function, is convenient to manipulate by professional users.

The large aperture Portable professional camera usually calls SLR spare camera, so P300 could be the SLR spare one. Although, the 1/2.3 inch sensor is smaller than 1/1.63 inch which used in other large aperture portable professional cameras, will be a shortcoming of P300.

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