New Red HTC Incredible S

Posted on Tuesday, May 24 2011 on 11:49 AM

With smartphones working their way into the fabric of everyday living, it’s obvious that being able to capture and relive the special moments of our day is getting easier and easier. But if you want to see the detail of those moments, you’re going to need a phone that can do most of the heavy lifting for you. A phone like the HTC Incredible S.
With an integrated 8MP camera capable of shooting 720p HD video and a massive 4.0-inch 400×840 super LCD screen, the HTC Incredible S is designed to let you relive every moment as it was enjoyed. The 1GHz processor makes browsing the web and navigating maps a breeze, while the HTC Sense UI is designed to make using your phone as natural as breathing. Couple all that with its unique design and the HTC Incredible S is, well, pretty incredible.

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