250,000 RIM Blackberry Playbook Sold

Posted on Thursday, May 19 2011 on 10:00 AM

RIM may potentially have sold more than 250,000 Blackberry Playbook tablets despite the fact that it was lambasted and criticised by many reviewers.

According to a research note published by RBC analyst, Mike Abramsky, who was quoted by Business Insider, sales of the tablet are "steady", adding that the quarter of a million milestone has possibly been reach with a similar amount likely to be sold within the first 90 days.


He notes that "Checks at 180 Best Buys show 14% of the 16GB sold out, 71% of the 32GB sold out, and 84% of the 64GB sold out; however, 32GB/64GB stockouts appear allocation-related."

As it was the case for the iPad, the most expensive the model, the more likely it is to be sold out. That said, we're not sure how sure how many of each SKUs have been produced by RIM.

In addition, if the figures are indeed confirmed, sales of the Playbook tablet will have surpassed that of the more expensive Android-based Motorola XOOM.

It would be interesting to find out how well RIM manages to pair its Blackberry smartphone range with the Playbook and whether it does provide with an "upselling" opportunity.

The Playbook comes with some nifty hardware; it was the first dual core tablet to be presented (and one of the last to launch), it has a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen with a WSVGA resolution, two cameras and QNX OS.


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