HTC Wildfire S Review

Posted on Thursday, May 12 2011 on 02:20 PM

The original HTC Wildfire is one of the many budget Google Android phones we saw in 2010. The HTC Wildfire S is come embedded with high tech features in a smart and stylish casing..

The cute HTC Wildfire S does get some minor enhancements with a 320-by-480 HVGA 3.2-inch display (the previous generation had a 320-by-240 QVGA display). The Wildfire S also runs Gingerbread-which I'm pleased about and has a 5-megapixel camera.

What the HTC Wildfire S lacks in specifications, it makes up in design. The small phone (59x101x12mm) feels great in hand with its smooth, rounded corners and solid build. It comes in three attractive colors, too: a light purple, stone gray and black.

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