HTC Inspire Boasts Multimedia Capabilities

Posted on Friday, May 6 2011 on 02:15 PM

The HTC Inspire smartphone runs on the super-quick AT&T HSPA+ 4G network, has a well earned reputation for speed, speed and more speed. The AT&T 4G network runs at up to 5 times faster than their 3G system, and the hardware and software package in the Inspire is perfectly suited to this mobile super speedway. 

The HTC Inspire 4G is immediately noticeable visually, with a sleek, black body and huge 4.3 inch Super LCD multitouch display. The powerful 1 GHz Snapdragon processor can handle anything and everything you throw at it, making surfing, up and downloads, games and apps reliable and fast. And the new HTC Sense user interface (UI) has faster start-up times and a central location for all your favorite social networks like FaceBook, YouTube and Twitter with the touch of a single button.

The HTC Inspire 4G also acts as a Mobile Hotspot for all your favorite Wifi devices, allowing them to piggyback off of the fast mobile broadband signal on the AT&T 4G network. The construction is formed from a single piece of aluminum, and feels solid and sturdy. And the multimedia package is exceptional.

The 8 mp front facing camera has dual flash capabilities, records videos and still shots brilliantly, and can record in 720p High Def resolution. And the included BlockBuster app delivers movies instantly to the Inspire for your wide screen enjoyment. The stereo speakers on the Inspire are no run-of-the-mill sound-makers either. Dolby Mobile and WOW surround sound will turn heads and have people asking where the sound is coming from.

With 4 GB memory, and the included 8 MB microSD card, Bluetooth, USB and Wifi connectivity, stereo music streaming, DLNA capability, GPS and virtual QWERTY keyboard, the multimedia options are limitless. But one really neat feature that I like is the security “Locator” software.


If you lose your phone, you can track your HTC Inspire 4G smartphone down on any computer. You can also wipe the contents of your Inspire clean remotely to protect any sensitive information. Pretty nice security features. And the Android 2.2 OS (Froyo) is a perfect companion for this speedy network, powerful processor and awesome HTC Sense UI.

Looks, speed, power, reliabilty and virtually endless multimedia capabilities make the HTC Inspire 4G truly an inspiration in the crowded, dull smartphone marketplace. And at the current price, it is nothing but a steal, and has already experienced low stock levels due to high demand, and ranks as the bestselling of all the thousands of mobile phones on Amazon. So pick yours up today, and see what 4G speed, great software and hardware can deliver.

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