Samsung Champ Duos - New Dual Sim

Posted on Tuesday, May 3 2011 on 05:00 PM

Samsung has taken Champ Duos is another attempt to lure the low end market with a touchscreen. The Micromax and Lavas of the mobile world have been milking this segment since sometime and it seems that Samsung has played really smart this time. A dual-sim touchscreen device retailing below US$130.00 is a great deal.

Samsung has a brand name that assures quality and then this is perhaps different than many other low cost phones out there, primary reasons being a CE certification (radiation does matter) and better customer support than most other low cost players. The icing on the cake is the Dual SIM support on the Champ Duos (GT-E2652XKANINU).

As it seems the ChampDuos isn’t targeted as a music phone (unlike the original Champ C3303). Its a low cost Dual SIM and the Here is a quick look at the features:

* 2.6″ touchscreen (resistive)
* 1.3MP Camera
* 1000 mAh battery
* Bluetooth 2.1
* MicroSD expansion
* Tri-band Network Support

The Duos is a little different from the original Champ, but largely the same feature set. The same old 1.3MP camera, 1000 mAh battery, MicroSD & Bluetooth 2.1. The very first difference in the looks is the buttons is on the front. The plastic buttons have been replaced by a metal layer with 3 buttons on it (Motorola Razr style).

You can view the commercial ad here:

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