Samsung PL121 Review

Posted on Friday, Apr 29 2011 on 05:00 PM

The Samsung PL121 is a follow up to last year's innovative PL150 dual-screen point and shoot camera now features a 14 megapixel sensor, a 2.7" inch rear and 1.5" inch front LCD screen, 5x optical zoom as well as a variety of smart filters that keep photography interesting. We found it to be a surprisingly good all-around pocket camera.
Offers similar features and performance but a 16 megapixel sensor, SmartTouch screen control and a Schneider-Kreuznach lens. While the whole touch-enabled interface is a cool concept, we found it to be less precise and a bit laggy compared to using actual physical buttons and controls. Blame it on our klutzy fingers but we made way more mistakes fiddling around on a SmartTouch screen than we did using the more traditional button settings approach.


The PL121 may not have the fancy glass or the slick touch-control features but we found it to be an accomplished little camera. Samsung has designed it in such a way that you can't tell there is a screen in front until it the LCD is on.


The obvious attraction of a dual screen camera is that it is ideal for self-portraits. Being able to see yourself and frame the picture properly is an outstanding feature in itself but the avilability of that second screen is also useful for running animations in Children Mode to distract or delight children who can be difficult to photograph. Samsung makes a number of animations available online.

The front LCD is also great for showing a coundown timer for photos taken in the timer mode. This way, people get a a visual clue on when to smile. Video is also considerably good at 720p HD video recorded at 30fps which also offers the Sound Alive audio recording feature that isolates background noise when recording.

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