10 Best BlackBerry PlayBook Apps

Posted on Thursday, Apr 21 2011 on 12:47 PM

BlueBox - Dropbox doesn't have an official app in the BlackBerry App World marketplace, but if you want to access files and folders stashed on other computers, you owe it to yourself to download BlueBox. This free PlayBook app lets you access, rename, and delete files, as well as create new folders. BlueBox' only drawback is that you can't upload content from the PlayBook to Dropbox, and there's no way to share files—yet.

Documents To Go - comprised of Word To Go, Sheet to Go, Slideshow To Go—is a free office suite that comes pre-loaded on the PlayBook that lets business-minded individuals create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and slideshows. If you want to stay productive while away from the PC, this app trio is one you can't do without.

iSpeech Translator - If you fancy learning important phrases from another language, but don't want to shell out the big bucks for Rosetta Stone, the free iSpeech Translator is just what you need. After selecting your native tongue and the target language, you key in—or speak—a phrase. iSpeech then processes the information and spits out a translation, not only with speed, but also with accuracy. Chinese, Dutch, English, Japanese, Italian, French, Finnish, Russian, and Spanish are just a few of the included languages. 

Meetup Search - Coming face to face with like-minded folk is easy to do with Meetup Search. Simply enter a topic, zip code, and search radius, and you can hunt for groups to join or events to check out. The app conveniently gives you the number of members in a group, the approximate distance of an event from your area, and other useful information.

MovieNews - IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes may not have official PlayBook apps, but Mediarl's MovieNews fills in for them quite nicely. The MoveiNews app shows you at a glance the new theatrical and DVD releases for the week, the box office champs, cast and crew listings, and films that are coming down the pipe.

People On My Lawn - When earthlings begin to invade your alien homeworld, you must defend the plant by launching rockets at the intruders. This isn't a mindless shooter, however; you must strategically place magnets on the battlefield to alter the rockets' flight patterns so that they hit their targets.

PicasaBuddy (Free) - PicasaBuddy is a Picasa Web Albums viewer that lets you check out any user photos that have been publicly published to a Picasa album. You can search for photos based on user name, or scan the entire community to return a wide range of results.

Slacker Radio - The excellent Slacker Radio arrives on the BlackBerry PlayBook in the form of an attractive, informative app that's sure to delight music fans. The free streaming music service offers plenty of customization—you can favorite and ban your favorite songs and artists—and the sleek interface not only looks great, but also informs thanks to in-depth bio and album pages.

Tetris - The classic Russian puzzle game that has graced virtually every modern video game system in existence is now available on the BlackBerry PlayBook. The free game now features a Marathon Mode that lets you unlock endless play sessions, a retro-style remix of the memorable Tetris tune, and HDMI support so you can export your block exploits to a big screen.

Weather Eye - Staying on top of sunshine, rain, snow, and other meteorological conditions is easy with The Weather Network's Weather Eye app. After inputing the name of a town or city, you can view a location's high and low temperatures, sunrise and sunset times, forecasts, and more.


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