Video Conferencing on BlackBerry PlayBook

Posted on Thursday, Apr 21 2011 on 12:00 AM

The BlackBerry PlayBook has a front-facing camera, the first BlackBerry product to have one. Eventually, we will see RIM release a video conferencing app, which will take advantage of this new camera. Skype has also stated they intend to bring a Skype app to the PlayBook. The first video conferencing app to hit App World is the free Adobe Connect app.

The Adobe Connect app lets you connect in meetings, events, and more. You can test it out for a 30-day trial here and see if it is right for you and your line of work. In this video we show the meeting side of Adobe Connect. You can download the Adobe Connect app from BlackBerry App World here.


• Attend Adobe Connect meetings with integrated conference call or Voice over IP audio. Let the meeting call you, and avoid entering cumbersome dialing codes.
• Use Meeting Overview to watch all the activities happening in the meeting at once or tap to focus in on any one meeting activity, such as slide presentations, PDF documents, videos, and screen sharing provided by your meeting host or other presenters.
• Focus on an activity to enter your input in Chat, Private Chat, and Polls.
• Use 2-Way Video to participate in multi-point video conferencing and add your own upstream video broadcast to the conversation.
• Join meetings attended by users on virtually any computer system (Mac, Windows, Linux and Solaris) plus other mobile devices.

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