Fresh Android Apps For You

Posted on Tuesday, Apr 12 2011 on 03:50 PM

Here are some cool Android apps for you:

Karakoke-A-GoGo Lite (Free): This is one of those ideas you wish you had thought of. Get your singing voice out of the shower and onto the road.

This app claims to be a professional quality karaoke player customized for Android tablets. You will have to find MP3 karaoke songs on the Internet to use and a section of the app shows you where to find them.  Then, use this app to turn any place into a karaoke bar.

Tracked! ($2.16): Several helpful apps allow you to track your missing Android, but this one is a little bit different.

This app provides many options for tracking your lost phone. You can text your phone to have it send back a GPS or triangulated cell position, cause it to sound an alarm, ask it to record audio, or even snap a stealthy picture and upload it to a server where you can see who has it. Finally, you can ask it to call you at another number.

CamOnline (Free): Create your own security cam with this app.

Turn your home PC web cam into a remote viewer for your phone. Download a PC application in addition to this app then you’re set. View your web cam anytime through this phone app. Use it to share video with your spouse or friends or check on your home, even when you’re not there.


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