Custom Web-Based OS Plan by Motorola

Posted on Thursday, Mar 24 2011 on 09:00 AM

Motorola may be into all things Android at the moment, but if the rumors stemming from some industry analysts are correct, that arrangement could change over the next few years. Based on Motorola's recent hiring activity and reports from anonymous sources, there's speculation that the company is working on a mobile operating system of its own.

This proposed OS would be web-based, with apps presumably taking the form of HTML5 or some future interactive framework. The goal doesn't seem to be to have something that's so much different from other mobile OSes, than it is to have an OS which the company has direct control over. One source identified part of the driving action behind this project to be concern over Google's management of Android revisions and the resulting fragmentation.

Considering Nokia's recent actions of stepping away from its home-grown OS and getting on board with WP7, it's a bit odd to think about Motorola essentially doing the same thing in reverse, especially with its recent successes with the Droid series.

For now, Motorola is publicly behind Android 100%. We expect it to keep up appearances for some time, especially if the company is just getting started with the OS project. Once it has a better idea of how the system will mature, and starts planning hardware to take advantage of it, that stance could abruptly change.


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