iPad 2 - The Improvements

Posted on Monday, Mar 21 2011 on 12:00 AM

Once again Apple has revolutionized the IT industry through the introduction last year iPad – IT best selling product after its launch in the history of technology, here last week Steve Jobs introduced the updated version of the iPad 2.

iPad has sold over 15 million copies and projections for 2011 are 40 million, a fabulous and unique volume in history for a single product if we compare it with the global market of 400 million computers a year. Here as in the first year after launch, the iPad has managed to both define a new category, but also how users interact with technology and iPad tablet 2 will definitely be this year reported the number of units sold.

iPad two brings improvements over the original platform as:

- A dual-core processor at 1GHz A5-performance dual
- Up to 9 times increase in graphics performance;
- 2 cameras (front and rear);
- Ultra slim 8.8mm thin 33%;
- 601 g 15% lighter;
- Airplay – wireless streaming audio, photos, video
- Video mirroring – allows extension or HDTV video projector.

Both performance enhancements at the processor and graphics, and software applications make iPad two devices ideal for processing personal films and photos at maximum resolution.

Note that the new iPad comes in two colors: white and black. Also new is the range of accessories: Smart cover, magnetic protective cover which can be used for protection as well as support.

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