Top 5 Android Apps For You

Posted on Friday, Mar 18 2011 on 09:00 AM

In this video, I go over my top five, must-have, can't-live-without Android applications. If you want more app reccomendations for Android, check out Android Application Weekly; and for Windows Phone 7, check out the Windows Phone 7 App Showcase. Here's my list!

1. Verizion FiOS DVR Manager (free): Let's you remotely manage your FiOS DVRs from anywhere in the world. Has great performance, and works almost instantly. Also check out the Comcast XFINITY app.

2. Amazon (free): Let's you quickly buy something from Amazon if you set up one-click. Also has a barcode scanning tool that is very accurate.

3. (free): The quintessential app for benchmarking your internet speed, whether you're over cellular data or WiFi.

4. Words with Friends (free): Let's you play a game of scrabble on your own terms. Also talks to the iOS version of the game, so you can play with friends that have an iPhone.

5. Droid Analytics ($1.50): If you use Google Analytics to track website data for your blog or other site, this app perfectly meshes with Google's web-tracking service.

6. New York Times (free): Bonus app (five wasn't enough!). This app lets you catch up with the award-winning New York Times on your Android.


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