iPhone 5 Outlook Design

Posted on Monday, Mar 14 2011 on 02:00 PM

The same website that leaked an alleged upcoming iPhone 5 part, indicating a larger, edge-to-edge display, now claims to have engineering diagrams of the upcoming Apple smartphone refresh.


What we see here is basically your good old iPhone 4 with a larger, indeed edge-to-edge display. We've still got the Home Button down at the bottom and the back of the device seems as flat as the current iPhone 4. So if the drawings above and below turn out to be true, we'll have an iPhone 4 with a larger, edge-to-edge screen, a faster, dual-core A5 chip and maybe 64GB of internal storage.

It's still unclear what will happen to the aluminum back plate rumored to be used in the next generation Apple phone but from the looks of the sketches and the resemblance with the iPhone 4, we'd say the materials should roughly remain the same (even more now that Apple finally found a way around the white paint issues). IF, again, these turn out to be true, will you be buying?


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