HTC Incredible S Unboxing

Posted on Wednesday, Mar 9 2011 on 11:00 AM

At Mobile World Congress, HTC unveiled five new phones. Among them was the Incredible S, a successor to the Incredible that landed on Verizon. The Incredible S is sold as an unlocked phone and has the proper bands to do 3G over T-Mobile. It features a 1GHz single core Qualcomm CPU with 768MB of RAM and Android 2.2. An update to Android 2.3 is due in the next few months, which will also bring updates to the Sense interface. The Super LCD screen is a good size at 4" and 800x480 resolution. Here are some first impressions of the device:

- It's got a very vanilla design. The contour on the back is neat, but the phone looks very nondescript from the front
- The screen clarity is fantastic; Super LCD technology provides fantastic color depth, and reasonably good contrast
- The phone is rather plasticy, giving it a cheap and light feel

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