Sony Ericsson: Few More New Smartphones

Posted on Wednesday, Mar 2 2011 on 12:00 AM

Sony Ericsson plans to release at least four phones this year besides the four already announced, including some in the US first, according to CEO Bert Nordberg. It wasn't clear if the joint venture chief was referring to all smartphones or a mix of smart and "dumb" devices, although the revelation seemed to come during a conversation with Business Week in which Android was the primary focus. Nordberg stated that he hoped to eventually capture a full quarter of the Android market -- up from the current 14%, reportedly -- although a time frame for that goal was not given.

A US-first release would be uncharacteristic for the manufacturer, which has traditionally rolled out new hardware in its home continents of Europe and Asia. However, Nordberg claimed that the US West Coast was now "the epicenter of the mobile industry." All told, Nordberg apparently promised eight total US phone releases throughout the year.

Besides the upcoming Xperia Play (coming to Verizon and other domestic operators), Xperia Arc, Xperia Neo, and Xperia Pro, announced recently at MWC and CES, we know that Sony Ericsson has at least a few more unannounced handsets being tested, including the SK17i and ST15i. Under suspected SE naming conventions as speculated by Blog of Mobile!!!, these would represent a small touchscreen and small keyboard-equipped model, respectively. Additionally, we're also on the lookout for the Xperia Duo, which passed the European trademark body at the same time as the other recent Xperia brandings, and which we suspect may be the first dual-core handset in that line.

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