Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 Review

Posted on Monday, Feb 21 2011 on 12:00 AM

The Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 is a sophisticated, affordable Android handset with an impressively small and light form-factor. Physically the phone feels solid but plastic with a simple black finish, a touch screen and a five button interface with the standard settings: home and back buttons in addition to a volume control and physical lock. The dimensions and weight are this device`s main selling point, coming in at 110mm by 61mm by 12mm it fits well in the hand and would suit users with smaller hands. The weight is 108 grams making it one of the lightest smartphones on the market.

The display lets the phone down, only offering last generation resolution at 320 by 240 pixels on its 3.14 inch capacitive Colour TFT touchscreen, competing phones offer resolutions up to twice as high, on the positive side the screen works well even in direct sunlight remaining legible. Similarly the camera is only a three megapixel sensor without a flash, it lacks digital zoom and geo-tagging features that have become standard. The phone also lacks a forward facing camera so has no video conferencing capability.

As a connected device the phone is well equipped with standard 3G support including EDGE and HSDPA, Bluetooth V3.0 and a physical microUSB v2.0. The memory is again limited at only 160MB, far behind the gigabyte levels most modern smartphones offer, though this can be compensated for with the microSD card slot which supports the new high-density microSD cards of up to 32GB and will in the future be available up to 2 terabytes. The processor is acceptable at 600 MHz but like much of the other hardware lags behind what has become the current standard of 1 GHz processors. The battery life is one of this phone`s stronger points, its 1200 mAh battery offers almost twenty four days of standby life and just under ten hours of talk time making it a good phone for someone who needs to be on the go without the chance to recharge that a higher end smartphone would need.

On the software front the Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 does better with 2.2 Froyo Android OS and an upgrade to 2.3 Gingerbread on the way. SMS, MMS, Email and internet browsing are supported with FM Radio, Java and up to date video codec support letting you play a wide range of videos on the phone. It also has GPS with Googlemaps integration, organiser, voice memo and video editing facilities though these are difficult to use with the limited screensize. Disappointingly, given the 2.2 Android base of this phone the built-in browser doesn`t support Flash which will limit the number of websites the phone can work with.

The Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 is carefully aimed at the user who values size and battery life over having the most powerful and capable phone, this is a phone first with smartphone features coming second with the limited screen size and resolution holding the device back in that role. It is visually attractive and easy to use with Samsung`s built-in TouchWiz interface, expect to see competitively priced contracts with this phone aimed at the less technically minded user.


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