HTC Wildfire 2 Preview

Posted on Friday, Feb 11 2011 on 12:00 AM

The Android-loving three letter name having mobile phone manufacturing group HTC has released a new commercial for the web (and more than likely for television as well) that might very well be showing the next generation of HTC Wildfire. The phone looks mighty similar save for one feature – the trackball. The trackball in that there IS no trackball on this new version. How about that?

It’s our belief that more than likely Android is moving away as a whole from physical buttons as Android 3.0 Honeycomb has no need for them and Android 2.4 or 2.5 Ice Cream will more than likely intercept the same lost need for buttons off its screen. What you’re seeing in the image above is the clip from the advertisement on the left showing what appears to be a brand new HTC Wildfire 2, while on the right is a press image of the original HTC Wildfire.

Now I know a lot of you aren’t pulling your wigs off in anticipation of this phone as it’ll more than likely be a mid-tier phone, not quite what you’re willing to stand in line for. But us here on Android Community are very pumped up about it as it will create yet another portal into the world of Android for those that are unfamiliar with it and aren’t quite willing to pay $200 to check it out. Growth for Android is good for everybody! Now take a look at this extremely well made ad that has more than a couple more easter eggs as well.


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