Huawei New S7 Slim Slate Tablet

Posted on Thursday, Feb 10 2011 on 04:00 PM

There are few details about the new Huawei Android tablet, but Huawei doesn’t wan’t to be left out of the pre-MWC 2011 hype and has teased consumers with a few tidbits about their upcoming tablet.

Known as the S7 Slim, this new tablet is expected to be an updated, more elegant version of the original S7 model that came to light late last year. As mentioned, very little is known about the device including the version of the Android operating system upon which it will run as well as the type of processor that has been included. We do know that the device does have a 7-inch display screen but again, its not clear if this is a capacitive panel or a resistive touchscreen.

From the images that have been released, the S7 Slim will have a front facing camera which is standard on most new tablets these days. There are also fewer physical controls on this device when compared to the original model.

If Huawei maintains their usual practice, we can expect that this tablet will come with a budget price tag which will hopefully put a downward pressure on the tablet market in general. More details about the new Huawei tablet are forthcoming next week at the Mobile World Congress.

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