Nokia MeeGo based Tablet

Posted on Tuesday, Jan 25 2011 on 12:00 AM

What we have here is supposedly the prototype of Nokia Tablet running on MeeGo operating system that has leaked over the internet today. The photos of Nokia Tablet were first discovered at mobile-review forum but unfortunately no one exactly knows about its specifications. Some reports over the web are suggesting that it could be a development device for the Intel and Nokia joint platform whereas other reports suggest that it could be an authentic slate, however there is no clear report over it yet. As we already know Nokia was previously working on big-screen tablet called the Z500, but according to rumors Nokia canceled this project due to its pricing issues from the carrier, so now it is unclear that whether this is the same device or something new?

Moreover if this device is for real and will be available for general users than it is for sure that it will feature Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and possibly some sort of 3G/UMTS and why is that? Because if you look closely at the top left side of the photo above you will see the Airplane mode is active, which means that wireless options of the device are switched off. Anyhow this is just a leak but a strong one, so stay tuned and we’ll let you know if we hear anything over it.


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