Samsung I9010 Galaxy S Giorgio Armani

Posted on Thursday, Jan 20 2011 on 06:00 PM

Samsung has teamed up with Giorgio Armani once again, this time to create a more exclusive version of the Galaxy S. While we never really care for the box here at Pocket-lint, it’s different when you’ve got a high-end fashion label designing them and here you’ll get a padded branded box with a small gold pop-stud clip spelling out GA to keep your phone all nice and tidy when it's not in your pocket.

Open up the box and the Galaxy S (i9010) stares out, showing off that Giorgio Armani branding top and centre above the screen. Subtle, but clearly showing off the bling.

The designer device is black like the original, while the back plate has been spruced up with a waffle like design embossed on it. The design is now metal rather than plastic and that makes a huge difference to the overall build quality.

Logos are kept low key with only the front sporting your love for the fashion brand. Samsung has also changed the back plate unlocking mechanism creating a sliding element at the bottom of the phone that locks in the back plate.



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