No More Free Music Downloads from Nokia ?

Posted on Tuesday, Jan 18 2011 on 12:00 AM

Nokia is going to stop its free music downloads service for cell phones in 27 countries because of little traction since its launch back in 2008, keeping Ovi Music Unlimited alive in only six counties, according to Reuters.

Launched in the U.K., the service which signed-up labels like Vivendi's Universal Music, EMI, Warner Music Group and Sony Music suffered from major lack of operator support and, as a consequence, did not attract customers and users. One of the major problems reported is the Digital Rights Management locking the content down to older handsets but, "the markets clearly want a DRM-free music service" said a spokesman on behalf of Nokia. DRM-free tracks will still be offered via the music store in 38 countries.

Subscribers in the 27 countries where the service is being stopped will continue to have access untill their subscription is valid. Still, China, India and Indonesia will continue to see phones sold with a 12-month subscription to free music while in Brazil, Turkey and South Africa they will bundle with six-month subscriptions.


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