Android 2.4 Aka Ice Cream Will Launch before Apple iPhone 5

Posted on Wednesday, Jan 12 2011 on 04:40 PM

Just few weeks ago 2.4 or Gingerbread was the talk of the town and now reports are pouring in that the next version of Android 2.4 aka Ice Cream is running wild on selected smart phones. There are several hints that 2.4 is already running on some devices. During CES a Sony phone was spotted running 2.4 version of Android.

Google's Android follows the release cycle similar to Ubuntu's -- twice a year. The naming of the versions also have resemblance. Ubuntu's versions are alphabetical, where the first word is an adjective and the second word is the name of an animal. Android uses names of delicious dishes as codenames.

Going by the Android release cycle, we expect the next version to hit this summer, sometime around the launch of expected iPhone 5. While iOS devices have stagnated from software point of view and are now adding missing hardware with every release, Android devices already beat the iPhones as they are not only fully equipped with better hardware but also carry all software goodies.

It is expected that with 2.4, Google will add video chat features to Android.


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