Gigabyte Apply Trademark for Kinpad

Posted on Tuesday, Jan 11 2011 on 12:00 PM

Taiwanese hardware manufacturer Gigabyte Technology has filed for a somewhat amusing trademark application in the European Union, looking to lock down the term “Kinpad.” Seeking protection against "notebook computers; tablet personal computers; personal digital assistant; data processing; apparatus," the mark clearly describes one of those seven-to-ten-inch slates which will surely be flooding the market following CES; in fact, it may even have once referred to the company's S1080 Windows 7 tablet, launched at CES just three days after the filing went public.

For obvious reasons, we can see company executives nervous about associating their product with Microsoft's Kin line of "social" feature phones -- handsets that may have actually had a market two years ago, before reported infighting resulted in a delayed, crippled pair of devices. Now we have no idea if it actually went down like this; for all we know, the Kinpad is still an upcoming tablet that is destined for a good ribbing by snarky gadget bloggers the world over. Just for fun, what do you think a Kinpad should be like ?


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