CES 2011: MSI WindPad Review

Posted on Saturday, Jan 8 2011 on 12:00 PM

The more things change, the more they stay the same at MSI, as the company's two tablets -- due to ship within three months -- still feel like early prototypes. MSI showed off both its Windows 7 and Android 10-inch slates at CES 2011, now known as the WindPad 100W and WindPad 100A, and both sport last-gen tablet specs. Despite pitching the Windows device as an Oak Trail device, the WindPad 100W's still got a 1.66GHz Atom Menlow Z530 CPU here, and Windows 7 is seriously laggy and unresponsive despite the presence of a 32GB SSD and 2GB of RAM. Though it have the promised HDMI port, it's basically the same device we saw in May of last year.

Meanwhile, the WindPad 100A (nee WindPad 110) has indeed had a redesign, but possibly for the worse -- it presently only has a single physical key pulling double-duty as Back and Power, and MSI's no longer listing Tegra 2, just a ARM Cortex A8 chip from an undisclosed vendor. It's actually got a fairly useful custom skin on top to display icons at proper tablet resolution and quickly swap between multimedia, the full Android Market, and a full 1GB of RAM, but the device wasn't anything special otherwise. If you ask us, an Android 2.2 tablet with these specs is going to be a hard sell in a post-CES 2011 world. Still, it's always possible MSI could pull things together at the last minute and surprise us. PR after the break.


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