RIM Might Be Late On Releasing 4G BlackBerry

Posted on Tuesday, Jan 4 2011 on 11:45 AM

4G may be the hot new feature for Android phones in 2011, but how will other platforms approach the promise of higher-than-ever data speeds? RIM, for one, looks like it could be taking its sweet time, as the latest BlackBerry rumor suggests that 4G is not a priority and it could take until the end of the year to see the first such handset.

Fudzilla reports that RIM has barely begun looking into 4G technology. Apparently, the company doesn't feel like 4G, specifically LTE, is quite mature enough to warrant building a BlackBerry for it. The concerns RIM management is reported to harbor certainly ring true for why a company might hold off on deploying bleeding-edge hardware: high cost, performance trade-offs, and limited interest.

If the chipsets that power LTE devices become more affordable to integrate into hardware designs, and models come along that are more battery-friendly than currently-available editions, RIM's attitude towards LTE could pull a 180. While plenty of us like the idea of 4G, geographic considerations limit that number of potential customers to those living where coverage is available. Though that area is growing, it may be some time before it reaches the number of users that RIM would be comfortable with.

Assuming the winds change and everything RIM needs in order to get excited about 4G starts happening, the rumor suggests that the earliest you could hope to see an LTE BlackBerry would be the tail end of 2011.

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