Samsung Omnia 7 Achieved Top Sales in France

Posted on Friday, Dec 31 2010 on 02:15 PM

Strictly unofficial and based on some 1,250 users' stats on a French website, the Samsung Omnia 7 took the crown as the most popular WP7 handset with a share of some 40 per cent of users. HTC branded WP7 phones combined – the HTC Mozart, the HTC HD7 and the HTC Trophy – took the second place with 44 per cent, while LG's Optimus 7 recorded a 16 per cent popularity.

The HTC 7 Mozart was the runner-up to Samsung's Omnia 7 with a share of 20 per cent among the site's users. The stats are far from representative for the overall condition of WP7 sales, but still give an idea about the Omnia 7's popularity.

WP7 manufacturers have shipped the impressive 1.5 million handsets to distributors, but actual sales figures are still an unknown. With more than 5,000 apps and a couple of updates to the OS coming in the near future, it is a promising platform. Which WP7 handset did you get?


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