Sony DCR-SX43E Handycam Review

Posted on Thursday, Dec 30 2010 on 04:26 PM

Sony Handycam DCR-SX43 is a compact standard definition camcorder that allows you to record directly to Memory Sticks or SD/SDHC memory cards. It comes with a Advanced HAD 1/8-inch CCD image sensor as well as a 60x optical zoom Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens. Other features includes SteadyShot image stabilisation, a 2.7-inch touch panel Clear Photo LCD, Face Detection and a built-in LED video light. The Sony SX43 is really lightweight and compact at a mere 190g (approx.) body only and measures 50 (W) x 55 (H) x 112mm (D).



Memory card format
Video cameras using a memory card format are able to achieve an ultracompact design. Because they record highly compressed video, they're best suited for gadget lovers who want to use their footage mainly on Web sites and in e-mail. Digital camcorders that record MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 to memory cards may be picky about the cards you use since those encoding schemes require the ability to write to the card more quickly than most standard cards can handle.

Exposure control
Every digital camcorder has a fully automatic mode that lets you simply point and shoot, but it's best to be able to adjust your exposure setting a little. Special shooting modes for capturing subjects lit by a spotlight or other specific sources can be helpful. For full control over exposure, you'll need a camera that lets you manually set both the aperture and the shutter speed. Advanced camcorders offer zebra stripes, which highlight overexposed areas with a striped pattern so that you can fine-tune exposure. Low-light performance is the Achilles' heel of many digital camcorders. Look for a model with a minimum lux rating of seven or lower. Many camcorders offer special low-light shooting modes, but they don't all work the same way. Some simply slow down the shutter speed so that you get full-color but impressionistic-looking footage. Others use an infrared emitter to capture greenish monochrome video in total darkness.

LCD and electronic viewfinder info
More pixels usually mean better viewfinder and LCD image quality. Look for a sharp LCD that's easy to see in bright light; adjustable screen brightness helps, too. The larger the LCD, the easier it will be to see (and the more power-hungry it will be); for all but ultracompact camcorders, look for at least 2.5 inches. An EVF that you can tilt with a diopter lever for adjusting focus will give you more shooting flexibility. Almost all EVFs and LCDs on consumer camcorders display color, although some video enthusiasts prefer black-and-white EVFs, which can make it easier to judge exposure. Touch-screen LCDs have begun to appear on a few consumer video cameras, usually for menu navigation and spot focusing. Some users find them convenient, while others prefer not to have to use the LCD to access camcorder controls.

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